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Hardware And Networking

Hardware and networking course

If you want to develop your skill in hardware and networking sector of IT and searching for an institute, your search ends here.

In order to meet the rapid growth of technology in the world, the hardware components and network services need to be developed in the same pace as software. The effective equipment must be built and managed according to the need of the system and service. Similarly advanced networking system and its security is essential. To fulfil this need, skillful technicians are required. This course is the first step to become an expert in the aforementioned field.

Computer Training Nepal provides this course for interested students. We provide our students with all the knowledge necessary to become a skillful network personnel. Here we show a real network system and teach our students to implement and manage it. Similarly, all the hardware components are taught in detail. Our students will also learn how to manage complex systems and solve problems that arise in it. We have an experienced instructor with years of experience in this area. Students can take full advantage of our resources.

Course Syllabus

Part 1

·         Hardware and software Introduction

·         Types of software

·         Hardware components

·         Assembling  Computer

·         Dissembling computer

·         Troubleshoot

·         Device drivers installation

·         Use of various device

·         Formatting and disk partitioning

·         BIOS

·         POST

·         Installing OS

·         File System

·         Computer management

·         Utility software like Antivirus, upgrading antivirus, disk defragmenter

·         Running Ghost

·         Installing OS using USB Disk

·         Users and access privilege

·         Controlling access of files and folders in computer

·         AT and ATX Casing

·         Motherboards

·         Assembling and Dissembling

·         Input and Output Devices

·         BIOS AND CMOS Introduction


·         OS Installation

·         Introduction to COMMAND PROMPT

·         Software installation

·         Account Creation, Quota, Locking folder , Disk management, and Encryption

·         Dual Booting OR Multi-Booting

·         Repairing OS

·         Introduction TO HIREN CD

·         Learning Tricks


·         Types of Network

·         Installing Windows Server

·         Concept of IP Address

·         Using Switch

·         Configuring LAN

·         Knowledge of wireless and wired network

·         Knowledge of Twisted Pair Cable

·         Clamping (RJ45)

·         Configuring router

·         Sharing internet

·         Files and printer sharing in the network

·         Installing Active Directory

·         Create domain

·         Creating Users and making access level privileges

This course is designed for the everyone willing to build skills in hardware and networking. This course also serves as a base for those aiming for other advanced course in related field.

Hardware and network professionals have wide opportunities as all companies and system require professionals who can manage networks and security for systems. Professionals with this skill have good options for jobs and range of salary. At the completion of this course here from Computer Training Nepal, you will have gained a certified skill in hardware and networking.



Hardware and networking course was my starting point in IT. Computer Training Nepal is a very good institute and I had a great time learning here. I can connect networks and manage them well. I am looking forward to take other advanced certification course also from here.

Asal Prajapati