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CodeIgniter Course

CodeIgniter course description

Are you looking for easier yet powerful framework to build websites in PHP? If you are, the codeIgniter course in Computer Training Nepal is the best choice for you.

The technology is getting advanced day by day. The main target in early days was to build an efficient web application but now the challenge also lies in how quick one can build it with less complexity. CodeIgniter is a light weight framework that makes the process of making websites faster and simpler. It uses MVC architecture. Codeigniter is less complicated and has greater performance which makes it popular in web development.

We teach codeIgniter here in Computer Training Nepal. Computer training Nepal will be beneficial for students because of the job oriented training we provide our students. We give you a number of websites of different complexity level and teach you how to build them. We will assist you throughout the step such that you not only build web application but build them in a proper way. We have an instructor with years of experience in PHP frameworks. Students can make use of our resources to learn. We give assignments and test in order to clear up the confusion of our students.

Course Syllabus

  • Intro to code igniter
  • MVC pattern
  • Code Igniter Architecture
  • Install and configure.
  • URI Routing to custom URL
  • Working of Model, Views, Controller
  • Creation of Custom Library , Helper function
  • Using core template library for the template engine
  • Error Handling
  • CodeIgniter Sessions
  • Core helper function and libraries
  • Security
  • Caching
  • Autoloading resources

This course is designed for students who want to build a career in web development. People working in other frameworks can also join in to learn codeIgniter to expand their knowledge. Students require proper knowledge of PHP and MySQL to learn this. Understanding of HTML and CSS is also needed for this course.

CodeIgniter is widely used all over the world. Thus the codeIgniter developers have plenty of opportunity. They have been working as software developer, Senior Developer and so on. They earn good amount of money based on complexity of task and experience.

After taking this course here form Computer training Nepal, we you will be a good web developer with job oriented knowledge. You will have the knowledge of MVC which helps you learn other frameworks easily. You will also be able to write codes in an effective and understandable way.



I am an IT student. I joined Computer Training Nepal for the codeIgniter training. This course was very helpful as I could revise all my knowledge of PHP, MySQL as well. Now I am a full time web developer. The knowledge I gained from Training Nepal was valuable.

Rohit Karki