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Yii framework course

If you are searching for a professional IT training institute in Kathmandu to learn Yii framework then computer training Nepal is the right option for you, please do visit us regarding further information on Yii framework training course.

The Yii framework training at computer training Nepal is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of one of the most powerful PHP framework used for developing a MVC application. Without the use of a high performance and component based framework the development of application only in core PHP is time consuming and complex. All Yii Framework applications are built using Model-view-controllers (MVC) architecture.  Yii is one of the most efficient and powerful PHP frameworks around that is used for developing web applications on large scale.

The Yii training course is taught by qualified industry professionals who have plenty of years of experience in Yii application development and have done a considerable amount of research to prepare a comprehensive course content that covers that teaches the students on the latest industry standard and development techniques. The job oriented approach on training will prepare the students for professional careers.

Yii framework training course can be joined by aspiring web developers who want to pursue a career in web application development. Candidates not from the IT fields are also encouraged to join this training course. The students wishing to join Yii framework training must have core programming knowledge of PHP language and Object Oriented Programming concepts. The students must have basic understanding of HTML, CSS and database concepts.

The objective of the training course is to enable the students who develop a large enterprise level web application implementing the Yii libraries and templates. This training will enable the students to save time and effort for development of large application. The students after the completion of the training program can pursue careers as a web developer or web application developer in Yii framework. Many professionals in IT fields regard Yii framework as the best MVC framework in PHP and most companies are seeking to hire Yii developers as they have realized the advantages of Yii.


Course Syllabus

Module 1: MVC architecture

·         Introduction to MVC

·         Functionality

·         Why?

Module 2: Introduction to Yii Framework

·         Introduction to Yii

·         Installation and configuration of Yii

·         Application

·         Files and Folders

Module 3: Fundamentals

·         Scripts

·         MVC

·         Components

·         Module

·         Namespace

·         Conventions

·         URL

Module 4: Model, view and Controller

·         GII tools

·         Actions

·         Access

·         Models

·         Views

·         Forms

Module 5: Database

·         Connectivity

·         Record

·         Queries

·         Relational tables

Module 6: Application

·         Login

·         Authentication

·         Internationalization

Module 7: Themes and extensions

·         Implementation of themes

·         Custom themes

·         Extensions

Module 8: Error handling and testing

·         Error Handling

·         Testings


After the completion of my bachelors program I joined the Yii framework training. This training was very comprehensive and has taught me to develop and manage complex application and was also the stepping stone for my career.

-          Sushil shahi