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Web Development Training in Nepal

Web development training in Nepal is best conducted at our computer training institute.

Web development includes all the activities that involves developing a website. The process starts right from creating a wire-frame for a website. The wire-frame is further converted into template. The template is then converted into static website. However, static website are not updatable without modifying in the code level. Thus the need of dynamic website arises. In a dynamic website, developer provides an website administration panel through which one can change the content without having to operate in the programming level. Thus our web development course is divided into two major areas: Web designing and PHP programming.

Web Designing is the first phase of web development training. Here students will learn to create static website designs. Candidates are then taught PHP programming language to create dynamic website. Most of the software development companies look to hire candidates who have web development knowledge.

Course Structure of Web Development

  • Photoshop tools
  • PSD Template Designing
  • Slicing 
  • HTML Concept 
  • CSS Concepts
  • Using JavaScript for event handling, form validation, etc.
  • Using JQuery to animate images
  • Concept of Programming language
  • Fundamental concepts of PHP Programming
  • Variable, Condition, Control Statement
  • Function
  • Arrays
  • Insert, Update and Delete Records using PHP
  • Retrieve data using PHP
  • Create Authentication form


The web development training course at computer training Nepal is designed for candidates seeking a career in web industry. The course teaches the basics of web development from designing to web programming to web hosting. The course enables you to become well versed in developing a dynamic web site or web applications.

The web designing course at computer training Nepal is taught by experts who have experience as a professional web developer and a teacher. The course content covers all the latest techniques and models in web development that aims to provide real time training to the students.

The objective of the course is to enable the students to develop a dynamic website and web application that has real time use. The students after completing the course will be able to integrate various components in to the websites or application and implement various development techniques and models.

This training is suitable for aspiring individuals who are willing to pursue careers in web development. The candidates who are willing to join the training program must have basic knowledge of how to operate computer.

The web development industry is very large and is expanding every day. The companies are in competition with each other to secure talented web developer who has skill in designing and developing of a scalable and reliable web development project. Web developers who can work with frameworks are in very high demand in the market and are paid very well.


I undertook web development project for the final year project of BIM, but trying to complete the project on my own was difficult and I needed professional help. I joined the training program at computer training Nepal and I was not only able to complete the project but also developed the skill to start a career in web development.

-          Snehi Rana