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Web Design Training Nepal

The trend of Web designing training in Nepal is alarming among students, professionals. It is due to the fact there is greater demand of professional web designers in software development companies in Nepal. The reason for the higher demand of web design professionals is because there are greater volumes of outsourcing work in web design and development brought in Nepal from abroad countries like Australia, USA, UK, and European countries.

Moreover, web designing training in Nepal is more fancied among students who want to utilize their spare time learning something good. It is seen that the number of students seeking web designing training in Kathmandu during the college vacation is outstandingly great. To meet this demand, Computer Training Nepal stands as a professional web designing institute in Nepal focusing on delivering quality web design training services to candidates.

Benefits of learning web designing training in Nepal at Computer Training Nepal

Computer Training Nepal is operated by a team of young and dynamic professional who has several years of experience working in web development platform. They

Experience the best web designing training in Kathmandu

We don’t proclaim ourselves as best web designing training institute in Kathmandu, Nepal. However, we are continuously working in our quality services to provide you the best web designing training in Kathmandu and outside Nepal.

Web Designing Course at Computer Training Nepal

Learning Web designing training course at Computer Training Nepal provides you knowledge in various tools and scripting languages that facilitate to develop static websites.

Web designing training course moves through a series of steps where you start with creating templates, and then converting the template into static website. The web design course offered by Computer Training Nepal is structured according to the actual development practice.

Learning Photoshop

  • Tools of Photoshop
  • Creating Logos, shapes
  • Creating Buttons
  • Creating Web Templates

Learning HTML CSS

  • Introduction to HTML CSS
  • HTML Tags
  • Paragraph, Anchor, Image, Form, Table, list tags
  • Div based designing
  • Inline, Internal and External Stylesheet
  • Class, Id
  • CSS Attributes
  • Margin, Padding
  • Color, background

Learning JavaScript

  • JavaScript Introduction
  • Displaying Output
  • Variables, Functions, Array
  • Dialog Box

Learning JQuery

  • Integrating JQuery
  • JQuery Sliders
  • JQuery Rotators

Learning Outcome of Web Designing Course at Computer Training Nepal

After completing web designing course at Computer Training Nepal, students can design static websites. They are also capable to develop responsive web designs, i.e. designs that are visible in different devices like IPAD, IPHONE, etc.


The course content is developed to meet the requirements of the students who want to join the web designing training. The content covers the latest trend in the field of designing. The course content is taught from the very basics.

The candidates who want to join the training must have basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. There are also classes available to learn HTML and CSS basics.

The students after the completion of the training course can pursue a career in web development field as web designer. The students will be well versed in CSS and Photoshop and also Javascript and JQuery. The design of the website is the main reason the user is interested in a website. It is the responsibility of the designer to make the contents eye catching and easily accessible.


The web designing course has helped me to learn everything required for designing a website and helped me become a professional. I now have a job where I can create designs implementing the things learned in during the training.

-          Kritika awale