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Struts Course

If you are looking for a professional IT training institute in Kathmandu that provides job oriented training in Struts framework then do visit computer training Nepal for further information on Struts framework training course. The struts framework training is designed to deal with creating MVC web application using the struts framework.

Struts framework is an open source framework that extends Java Servlet APIs and implements MVC architecture. It enables the students to create a scalable, flexible and extensible web application implementing standard technologies like JSP, beans and XML. Struts framework integrates design concepts that are accepted by development industry.

The training at computer training Nepal is conducted by qualified industry professionals who have years of experience in developing applications in struts framework. The course content is comprehensive and covers all the current application development techniques. The teachers are cooperative and the students will have plenty of face to face interaction with them. Through the job oriented training provided by the institute will prepare the students for starting a professional career.

This course is perfect for java developers who want a career in development in struts framework. Students who aren’t from IT background but want to learn application development in java struts framework are also encouraged to join the training course. The students who want to join struts framework training must have core programming knowledge on java language, java servlets, JSP pages, database and integrating web components in application. There are preliminary classes available for students who are not familiar with above mentioned prerequisites.

The main objective of the training course is to enable the students to develop a struts application implementing JSPs and Struts and using struts libraries to improve and make the application more scalable. The students will learn to design and develop a well-structured application by using templates and validators. The students after the completion of the training course can seek careers as a web application developer in java struts framework.


Course Syllabus

·         Introduction to Struts Framework

·         Struts Framework Components

·         Configuring Strurts Elements

·         Configuring struts Files

·         Interceptors

·         Expression

·         Value Stack

·         UI Components

·         Type Conversion

·         Validation

·         Localization / International



I set out as a Java developer, after joining the Struts framework training program, I was able to enhance on the programming skills and was able to develop a complex application in a simpler way using struts framework.

-          Rohini bajracharya