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Software Quality Assurance

Software Quality Assurance

Do you want to make a career in testing the quality of software? If yes the quality assurance course in Computer Training Nepal is here to achieve your goals.

Software development is a huge aspect in IT industry and huge amount of software is developed in everyday basis. So it is really necessary  to filter and find defects in them in order to provide the customers the quality software. It also makes sure the requirements and goals of the system,  company and customer are fulfilled by the software. This course builds this skill on students.

Computer Training Nepal provides this course for students seeking to make a career in it. We help students to align the system’s requirement with the software being used. We provide job oriented training using real life scenarios and materials. Quality assurance has some international certification. We can help you achieve that if you want. We have an instructor who has been working under this field for years. We make sure you have all the knowledge necessary to sustain in the market after taking this course.

Course Syllabus

  • Software types
  • Software testing fundamental
  • Software Testing full details
  • Common software problems
  • Software tester objective
  • Software Development Life Cycle, phases and its importance
  • Software Testing techniques
  • White box/black box testing
  • Data flow diagram and use case diagram
  • Test cases
  • User acceptance testing
  • Test results report
  • levels of testing and running it
  • stress and performance test
  • using automated test tools
  • SQL introduction
  • automated testing
  • Introduction to QTP
  • Flight Application
  • Test Steps
  • Record a QTP Script
  • Object Identification
  • Complete details on QTP
  • Conditional Loops
  • Event
  • Object Identification
  • SMART Identification
  • Property Modification
  • Ordinal Identifiers
  • Local Object Repository
  • Shared Repository
  • Script Development
  • Recording Modes
  • Functions in QTP
  • Transactions in QTP
  • Recovery Scenarios
  • Optional Step in QTP
  • GetRo Property
  • Descriptive Programming
  • Practical Applications
  • Frame Works
  • Knowledge of Load Runner

 This course is designed for producing more IT professionals to check this quality of software. This course is divided into two levels-Managerial and Analyst. The managerial course requires the experience as an Analyst while Analyst doesn’t have any specific prerequisite.

  This opportunity is growing due to the growth in the amount of software developed.  Therefore the professionals with proper knowledge are in demand. This training course is a huge boost for them. The scope of SQA is wide with considerably large scale of salaries. The opportunity is high worldwide including Nepal.



QA course from Computer Training Nepal was a turning point in my career. I took this course and started implementing in my earlier work. That was highly beneficial. It saved me a lot of expense and effort. I understood how to handle user requirements and software. I highly suggest this course to al those looking to grow in this field.

Raman Khadka