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Objective C

Objective C training

If you want to learn to make application for Mac, iPad, IPhones, this course is aimed at you. Do not miss out on this opportunity.

Objective C is a popular language mostly used by Apple. It is an object oriented language, an advanced form of C. This is mostly used in iOS, OS X and their APIs. This language is pretty simple but you can make some powerful application using this language. It is a fun language to learn and it challenges creativity as well.    

Computer Training Nepal is a home for people looking forward to start a career in programming. We help students by strengthening the basic stuffs first and then gradually moving to the complex ones. We will make our students develop their own apps and guide them towards it. We also teach students to write efficient codes and debug them as well. The instructor is highly experienced and the labs are well equipped. We assess students well and provide the training accordingly. Our regular assignments and test will be helpful students.

Course Syllabus

·         Objective-C Home

·         Objective-C Overview

·         Objective-C Environment Setup

·         Objective-C Program Structure

·         Objective-C Basic Syntax

·         Objective-C Data Types

·         Objective-C Variables

·         Objective-C Constants

·         Objective-C Operators

·         Objective-C Loops

·         Objective-C Decision Making

·         Objective-C Functions

·         Objective-C Blocks

·         Objective-C Numbers

·         Objective-C Arrays

·         Objective-C Pointers

·         Objective-C Strings

·         Objective-C Structures

·         Objective-C Preprocessors

·         Objective-C Typedef

·         Objective-C Type Casting

·         Objective-C Log Handling

·         Objective-C Error Handling

·         Command-Line Arguments

Advanced Objective-C

·         Objective-C Classes & Objects

·         Objective-C Inheritance

·         Objective-C Polymorphism

·         Objective-C Data Encapsulation

·         Objective-C Categories

·         Objective-C Posing

·         Objective-C Extensions

·         Objective-C Protocols

·         Objective-C Dynamic Binding

·         Objective-C Composite Objects

·         Obj-C Foundation Framework

·         Objective-C Fast Enumeration

·         Obj-C Memory Management  

This course is designed for students who want to learn Objective C for various purpose. This course is a good way to increase knowledge in programming. Students preparing for international certification of Objective C can take this course here as well. Students require basic knowledge of C and object oriented programming for this course.

Objective C is a useful course for students who are seeking to build smart application. A lot of big companies need individuals who can write and debug codes in Objective C. The knowledge of this course will be highly beneficial for your career growth as it has been to a lot of students who have taken this course. A good Objective C programmer has a good scope worldwide. They have been earning a lot of money worldwide.


I knew C programming language but I didn’t see it being applicable practically. Hence I decided to join the Objective C training here in Computer Training Nepal. I learned the steps to make Mac and iPhone apps which was pretty fascinating. It was easier than I thought and thanks to Computer Training Nepal for that. The instructor, resources were all good. I suggest you take this course here.

Pritam Shrestha