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MySQL Course

MySQL description

Do you want to become an expert in handling database? Computer Training Nepal is here for you with our MySQL course to help you accomplish your goal.

Database is an integral part of application development. In order to run your system smoothly, you need an efficient database that can handle the information well. So this course helps you gain that knowledge using MySQL RDBMS. It is one of the most popular open-source database in the world. MySQL course will help you gain good grasp on using database and write smart queries.

Computer Training Nepal is there to help you build up all the skill to make you a specialist in database. We will start off from the beginning from the basic steps to complex ones. We will demonstrate showing how complex database can be managed. The logical ways to create smart queries and manage tables are also taught. All the hardware, software and equipment are available to students. We make sure every student that joins leaves with a good grip in database.

Course Syllabus

·         Introduction

·         Installation

·         Administration

·         PHP Syntax

·         Connection

·         Create Database

·         Drop Database

·         Select Database

·         Data Types

·         Create Tables

·         Drop Tables

·         Insert Query

·         Select Query

·         Where Clause

·         Update Query

·         Delete Query

·         Like Clause

·         Sorting Results

·         Using Join

·         NULL Values

·         Regexps

·         Transactions

·         Alter Command

·         Indexes

·         Temporary Tables

·         Clone Tables

·         Database Info

·         Using Sequences

·         Handling Duplicates

·         SQL Injection

·         Database Export

·         Database Import

This course is designed for students willing to develop their knowledge to handle database for system. Experienced database users can also come and join for the administrative course. Similarly, students seeking for international certification on database can also join.

Since database is highly used in all the systems in the world, the opportunity for database students is huge. All big and small companies hire students who can write smart queries and manage their database properly. If you can do that, finding a job is not a problem. They are paid nicely in most companies depending on the experience and work. MySQL is widely used which makes this course more valuable. MySQL programmers are demanded in all parts of the world.



I learned MySQL database from Computer Training Nepal. I gained the in-depth knowledge of the working of database. The training institute was good and I capitalized a lot. I have a nice job and I am confident that I can learn other advanced database as well. You should definitely take this course here to secure your future.

Shanti Gurung