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MS Access Course

Do you want to learn the basic functionality of how database works? If yes, Computer Training Nepal is the right institute for you.

We provide MS-Access course for interested students. Many of us don’t use computers for work. In this modern time when everything requires the touch of technology, managing information and representing them in an effective way is a necessity.MS-Access is a relational database application that allows user to manage data in a proper way. This is a right platform for new users to understand the concept of database. It provides software development tools along with graphical user interface as well.

Taking MS-Access course in Computer Training Nepal is a great way to start off your career in computers. Our practical way of teaching can be a huge boost for students. The classes are conducted 2 hours for 6 days a week for 2 months. All the resources required will be provided by us. We teach you how to manage large information and represent them.

Course Syllabus

Our course syllabus for MS-Access are as follows.

  • Intro to Ms-Access.
  • Concept of Database.
  • Creating a Database.
  • Creating Table, Modifying tables.
  • Adding Keys like Primary Key, Foreign Key in table
  • Attributes and data types of columns
  • Writing SQL for inserting and deleting data.
  • Writing SQL to
  • Make forms.
  • Analyzing Data.
  • Making Reports.
  • Access the Database.

This course is designed for new users who want to grasp the concept of database. People who need database and GUI in their work can also join. Students are required to have basic hardware, software concept and the ability to run Windows.

MS-Access is still highly used in most companies as a main or assisting application. This course also shows that you have the skill to operate database which might be useful for your hiring process. If you are good at MS-Access, it shows you’ll most probably be good at MySQL and other database. It provides a skill useful to learn other advanced database. MS-Access acts like a foundation course for other advanced course. It will give you skill to manage large and complex information.


My journey in database started off with MS-Access training. I am glad Computer Training Nepal was patient and helped me grow slowly. It took me a while to understand the concept but I eventually became good at database. I work in MySQL and the knowledge I gained was the reason I grew. I wnt to thank Computer Training Nepal for helping me.

Anamika Sitaula