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Laravel Training

Laravel training

If you are looking forward to learn a framework for making effective websites, Laravel training course is the answer.

When making a web application, simply using the programming language makes it a difficult task to do. Thus, the work of framework comes into action. The idea of MVC(Model-View-Controller) is used in frameworks. This makes the process of building a web application easier and less complex. Laravel is a framework built using this architecture. Building a website in this framework is hence learning the concept of MVC.

We provide you Laravel training here in Computer Training Nepal. We teach you how to use Laravel in detail with the help of real application. We also help students build their own projects if they have. We have an instructor with years of experience to guide you. We provide with all the resources and equipment needed which is available for students.

Course Syllabus

·         Setup

·         Installation

·         Configuration

·         Homestead

The Basics

·         Routing

·         Middleware

·         Controllers

·         Requests

·         Responses

·         Views

Architecture Foundations

·         Service Providers

·         Service Container

·         Contracts

·         Facades

·         Request Lifecycle

·         Application Structure

·         Services

·         Authentication

·         Billing

·         Cache

·         Collections

·         Command Bus

·         Core Extension

·         Elixir

·         Encryption

·         Errors & Logging

·         Events

·         Filesystem / Cloud Storage

·         Hashing

·         Helpers

·         Localization

·         Mail

·         Package Development

·         Pagination

·         Queues

·         Session

·         Templates

·         Unit Testing

·         Validation


·         Basic Usage

·         Query Builder

·         Eloquent ORM

·         Schema Builder

·         Migrations & Seeding

·         Redis

Artisan CLI

·         Overview

·         Development

This course is designed for students who have learned PHP and now looking forward for faster development of websites. Programmers who want to develop their knowledge on MVC can join this course. Students require the knowledge of PHP and MySQL in order to learn Laravel framework. Also, understanding of HTML and CSS is required.

Web development is a popular career option for a lot of IT professionals and the scope for it is growing. Newer and easier options have been introduced. Working in Laravel framework has its advantages. It is easy to learn and less complex. Thus web developers can learn this and create efficient websites and create a huge job opportunities for themselves. Laravel is being used all over the world. It is widely being used in Nepal as well.


I learned PHP and laravel framework from Computer Training Nepal and that was the kick start of my career as a web developer. I started creating websites and doing my own projects. I can say that it is highly beneficial to students seeking career growth. I recommend this course at Computer Training Nepal to all.

Reema Bhattarai