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JSP Training

JSP course description

If you are looking forward to learn how to add dynamic content in web application, taking the JSP course is certainly the right choice for you.

After creating a web application, it is a plus point if you have a well display content too. It will make the web application more effective. JSP course allows you to add dynamic web contents on the server side. This course will develop skills in creating an overall powerful web application.

Computer Training Nepal is an experienced institute when it comes to JSP training. Students are taught how to add designs and contents that will add value to the website or web application. We can benefit a lot from our experienced teacher, updated resources and job oriented training. We will teach you how to specialize in JSP. We will also teach you how to make organized web application and use servlets.

Course Syllabus

  • Introduction
  • Development of View Component
  • Controller Component development
  • Dynamic Forms
  • Application Resources sharing
  • Business Tier design
  • Developing web application from session management
  • Filters
  • Database
  • JSP pages
  • Custom tags
  • Struts Action forms
  • Web Presentation Components Building

This course is designed for those who want to become a professional wed developer in Java. Students who want to prepare for advanced Java certification are also recommended to take this course for expansion of knowledge. Students who are looking forward for tis course require proper knowledge of Java and understanding of HTML, xml.

JSP developers are highly in demand recently. Along with the growth of Java, JSP is used by developers to manage the dynamic contents. JSP is highly used in application and sites everywhere so individuals who have good skills in it are demanded everywhere. JSP developers work in various roles and paid well. JSP is getting popular in Nepal as well.

After learning this process, you will have a good knowledge of JSP and you can become a complete web developer.


I learned JSP after I learned Java. I felt like I gained full insight in developing an efficient web application. Now I have a good job and more importantly the skill that can give me job anywhere. I would like to express my gratitude to Computer Training Nepal. It is the best computer institute in my opinion.

Bishal Sigdel