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Joomla Training in Nepal

Computer Training Nepal is the right place to learn Joomla course in Kathmandu, Nepal. Here we help you develop Joomla website without programming knowledge right from scratch. Our Joomla training provides knowledge to master this CMS. 

Many popular website in the world are developed using Joomla. There is a large community of web developers working in this platform. They create extensions like modules, components and plugins and distribute them freely to the Joomla community. People can use these extensions to add features in Joomla website. 

The course syllabus is designed so that you can completely manage the Joomla adminstration. In this course you are not taught how to create templates, modules, components and plugins. If you need to learn how to develop extensions, you have to enrol in advanced Joomla training.

Joomla Training at Computer Training Nepal

Two different modes are available for Joomla training courses. They are:

Online Joomla Training

Learn Joomla with experts support online. To help you expedite through your online training, we will provide access to video tutorials section in our website. Joomla training can be taken one-to-one. If you are thinking of joining online training with us, please contact us at

Classroom Joomla Training

Learn Joomla training face to face with the trainer. To ensure the quality of your training, we provide videos, books and lother earning materials. Classes normally run for 2 hours in a day. Trainer delivers lecture during the first hour. 

Joomla learning objectives

  • To learn to use Joomla administration and manage content.
  • To learn how to create a website without any programming knowledge.
  • To learn how to maintain Joomla websites
  • To debug Joomla websites and solve errors in the website.

Joomla Training Facts

  • No prior knowledge of programming. Anybody with an experience to operate websites can learn Joomla Beginner course and intermediate course of 5 weeks. They will be able to develop websites using built in features provided by Joomla CMS.
  • To learn Joomla template designing and extension development, one must have the concepts of HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL.
  • Web designer, software developers can learn Joomla course to develop websites in less time without using PHP codes.

Joomla Training Course

Joomla training has been divided accordingly.

  • Beginner Joomla Course of 3 weeks.
  • Intermediate training course in Joomla of 2 weeks
  • Joomla template designing course of 1 week
  • Joomla Expert course on extension development and customization of 2 weeks

Joomla Course Syllabus

  • Setting up Joomla.
  • Creating Article, Article Categoies and displaying them in the frontend
  • Creating hierarchial categories.
  • Creating Featured Articles
  • Using editor in Joomla
  • Creating Menu and Menu items
  • Using Media Manager
  • Creating Folder and Uploading Images
  • Search Engine Optimization in Joomla
  • Concept of Extensions
  • Components, Plugins and Modules
  • Learning to use built-in Components
  • Contact form, Banner
  • Learning to use built-in Modules
  •  Article Module, Custom HTML module, Search module
  • Downloading Module and integrating them
  • Donwloading component and integrating them
  • Knowledge of popular extensions in Joomla

Career Opportunity after Learning Joomla Course

After learning Joomla you can seek a career as Joomla Developer in web development companies. You can even work as a webmaster in Jooma platform. Futher you can even join advanced Joomla training to develop templates and modules and then extend you career opportunity to work as a extension developer for Joomla.


This is by far the most comprehensive training program I have attended. The teachers were very professional and cooperative while teaching very well put together Joomla training course content. I would like to thank computer training Nepal for putting together this Joomla training program.

-          Bidhan kayastha