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Java Training in Nepal

Welcome to best Java training institute in Kathmandu Nepal. We are serving students with professional Java training since many years.

Java Training in Nepal

Computer Training Nepal is a leading training institute for different levels of Java courses in Nepal. Core Java Training in Nepal section is created for computer graduates who want to learn Java programming language from the scratch. The Java training is especially helpful for graduates to develop strong foundation in object oriented programming. BCA, BIT, Computer engineering, BTech, BIM, BSC CSIT, Computer Science graduates can benefit largely from this course in their academic programs. Moreover, after the training they can use the professional skills to develop Java-based projects. The Java training course is intended for graduate job seeker intending to work as a professional Java Developer.

Why Core Java Training in Kathmandu at Computer Training Nepal

There are several reasons why computer training Nepal stands as the best Java training institute in Kathmandu, Nepal. We offer core java training with live projects works involving real-time scenarios.

  • Java courses are taught by trainers who are highly qualified.
  • The trainers are working as a professional developer in software Development Company in Kathmandu.
  • Learn Java course at your own pace at our computer institute.
  • Limited class size that allows great interaction time with trainers.
  • Moderate training cost compared to quality of the training.
  • Job assistance and internship in Java at software development companies in Kathmandu.

Teaching Methodology

Lab Exercises

Generally, each day after the completion of lecture classes students are provided lab exercises. The lab period will be led by a teaching assistant. You must have completed the lab exercises before leaving the class.

Programming Assignments:

The programming assignments have been designed on the basis of each day class lectures and lab exercises. Assignments will be provided by instructor at the end of class. We expect you to spend good time preparing for these assignments. The assignments will be verified by the teaching assistant during lab on the next day.

Java Course Outline

We have designed a very comprehensive Java course syllabus that will benefit whoever seeking to learn Java programming.  If a student academic background is not related to computing degree, we give them basic programming concepts from C. However, if students are from IT background then we directly start with Java programming.

Programming Fundamentals

  • Introduction to software development
  • Types of software application.
  • Web vs Desktop application
  • Compiling programs
  • Concept of variables
  • Concept of data types

Introduction to Java Programming

  • Introduction to Java
  • Overview of Java programming
  • Java Virtual Machine
  • Print Hello World
  • Compiling and executing Java programs
  • IDE: Eclipse, NetBeans  are used for writing Java programs
  • Statement 
  • Expression
  • Java Class Library
  • Basic Java Programming
  • Naming Variables Scope of Variables Types,
  • Primitive Types
  • Operators
  • Conditions (if else, switch) Break, Continue
  • Loop(for, while, foreach) explains how you can iterate the same program again and again. 
  • Functions 
  • String Class, 
  • String Functions
  • String Builder Class
  • String Buffer Class

Data Structure in Java

  • What is Array?
  • One Dimension array, two dimension array
  • Looping through arrays
  • HashMaps
  • Enumeration Types

Object Oriented Programming in Java

  • Object Oriented Programming in Java
  • Introduction to Object oriented programming
  • Classes and Objects
  • Methods and Properties 
  • Concept of return types
  • Inheritance
  • Constructor and Destructor
  • Exception Handling with Try and Catch
  • Method overloading
  • Constructor Overloading
  • Method Overriding explains how we can write the method with same name in child class.
  • Static Method and Static Variables 
  • How to Use of final in variables to create constants, methods to prevents overriding and classes to prevents subclasses. 
  • Getter and Setter
  • Concept of Encapsulation to limit exposure of data outside of class.
  • Java Packages
  • Polymorphism to create 
  • Abstract Classes
  • Interfaces

Input and Output in Java

  • I/O Streams
  • Path
  • Deleting a file or Directory
  • Copying Files
  • Moving Files
  • Creating Files
  • Reading Files
  • Writing into files
  • Creating and Reading Directories

Swing Concepts

This section covers the design and implementation of graphical applets and stand alone application. The objective of this unit is to  enable students to use visual components to create a graphical user interface. After the completion of this course, students will be able to describe the key features of swing and write swing applications using various swing components. 

  • Concept of Swing
  • Components 
  • Containers, Content Panes
  • JFrame, Dialog Boxes
  • Component Hierarchy
  • JTextField and TextArea
  • JLabel
  • JRadio, ComboBox
  • JTable and JScrollPane
  • Importing Icons
  • Adding Titled Borders
  • Password Field
  • Creating MenuBar
  • Adding Menu to MenuBar
  • Adding MenuItem to Menu
  • Adding Icons to MenuItems
  • ToolBars

Designing Layouts

In this unit, you will be taught to use Layout classes to structure the visual components to create an attractive interface design. Along with that, you will learn to use various elements that enhances your design.

  • Layout Managers
  • Layered Designs
  • Creating Decorated Look and Feel
  • Component Resizing
  • Adding Color
  • Adding Border and Seperator 

Event Handling in Java

  • Concept of Action Listener
  • Button Action Listener
  • Mouse Listener
  • Concept of Implement
  • Concept of Overriding actionlistener method

Database Concepts with MySQL

  • Concept of Database
  • Create and Drop Database
  • Create, Alter and Drop Table
  • Primary Key and Autoincrement
  • Exploring Data Type for table attributes

Writing and Executing SQL 

  • Writing SQL for inserting data
  • Multiple insertion
  • SQL for updating data in database
  • SQL for deleting 
  • Using Operators in Queries
  • Extracting data with Select Query
  • Concept of In
  • Selecting data range using between 
  • Using In to select data
  • Like operator in Queries
  • Wild Card characters in SQL
  • Aggregate functions like Min, Max, Sum, Count, Avg.
  • Using Asc and Desc to sort data
  • Using Limit in queries
  • Group By and Having Clauses

Advanced Database Concepts

  • Concept of Normalization
  • Table Designing
  • Concept of Subqueries
  • Writing subqueries for selecting, deleting 
  • Joining Tables using SQL
  • Inner Join, Outer Join

Java and Database

  • Adding JDBC ODBC Driver
  • Connecting Database
  • Inserting Data through Java Forms
  • Inserting Data through various components like Textfield, Combo Box, Radio Button
  • Displaying records in JTable 
  • Performing delete operation
  • Performing Update in database
  • Using Joins and displaying record in JTable

Learning Outcome

Core Java programming course can provide significant benefit to computing and non-computing graduates wishing to enter the programming world. Java course will provide a strong programming foundation to students who want to establish themselves as a professional developer. We are recommended by students as best Java training institute in Kathmandu, Nepal. For more details on why we offer best Java Training in Nepal please call us or email us at

Student Reviews on Java Training in Nepal

Akash Shrestha – Computer Training Nepal out stands as the best computer institute for Java Training in Nepal because of its continued excellence in providing job oriented Java course. I had a good experience of learning Java at their computer institute.

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After completion of my bachelor’s degree, I joined computer training Nepal’s java training program. This course helped enhance my programming skill and also prepared me for a professional environment.

-          Karuna mahat