Professional Computer Training Solution

Our computer training programs are very effective. You can start the training at a basic level and reach to the expert level. Our unique training method helps you to gain a professional knowledge.

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Computer Training Institute in Nepal

Computer Training Nepal is among the top institute for vocational and job oriented computer courses training in Kathmandu and nationwide. With the aim of producing competent and skillful manpower to fulfill the need of IT job market, we first executed our services as a professional computer institute in Kathmandu since 2004.

It’s a long felt necessity in computer education sector for some institution to take a leading role in providing professional and job oriented computer training to graduates accomplishing their academic career. Computer Training Nepal facilitates to create professional career for computing graduates. It functions as a bridge between Software Development Company and academic institutions by providing a learning environment where computing graduates can implement their theoretical concepts into practical skills.

Computer Training Nepal has been providing various career and job oriented training in Java programming course, PHP programming courses and ASP.NET programming courses. It also provides fundamental computer training to beginner in c programming courses. For professionals seeking career growth, we offer computer certification courses such as Oracle and networking courses such CCNA. Most of these vocational courses at are short term computer courses.

Our Team

We are established by a team of professionals who come from academic as well as development background.  The technical team develops and delivers the training to trainees. Our team members are highly qualified professionals.

Our Services

Computer Training Nepal is established to provide professional training services to students seeking to learn computer courses.  Our training services are mainly focused in technology courses, software development courses, and networking courses. After the training, we look forward to placement for competent students.