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Graphic Designing Training in Nepal

If you are aspiring to get employment in graphic designing job in print media houses, then Computer Training Nepal can help to fulfill your wish. We have the idea and experience in what it takes to become a professional graphic designer.

Learning Graphic designing is not just about creating images. Graphical objects represent services and products of your company in the eyes of customers. A good graphic design is very critical for marketing. One has to be selective and professional in using color, typography, images and structure that will convey the message of the company to its prospective clients. Thus we give high importance and towards learning graphic designing. Bearing in mind the significance of a professional output, the graphic designing courses are taught by experienced faculty member working in print media. With graphic designing course, you will learn on to use visual elements to represent the brand for some company.

The career opportunity after learning graphic designing is prosperous. After completing the graphic designing training course at our institute, we assure you that several job opportunities will come knocking to your doors. You can work as a freelancer and earn thousands of dollars using just your laptop from your home. Doing graphic designing requires a laptop and skills to use tools like Photoshop, freehand, illustrator and InDesign. Therefore, if you have a laptop and the production tools you can start working from anywhere. Creative students can start working in high level jobs soon after completing their training.

Highlights on Graphic designing training at Computer Training Nepal

  • The Graphic designing training at Computer training Nepal is a 3 months course taught by professionals in their relevant fields. Classes are conducted 2 hours daily.
  • There are no prerequisites to join Graphic designing training course. Anyone with knowledge to operate computer can join this course.
  • This is not an academic degree, it’s a professional course. Therefore, no certification is required after completing the training to work as a professional Graphic designer. Your skills will be major in getting you a job.
  • Graphic designer are in high demand in Nepal, so students completing the training with good performances are guaranteed to get job themselves. Computer Training Nepal assists students with remarkable performances in finding job opportunities.

Course Syllabus of Graphic Designing Training

You will be skilled in using various adobe courses like Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator.

Photoshop Training Course


Course Syllabus


·         Photoshop Interface concepts and customizing Interface as per the requirement of the designer

·         Introduction to Photoshop

·         Concept of web and print media

·         Resolutions

·         Image formats like JPG,, PNG, GIF,TIFF, PDF, EPS, etc.

·         Image resizing and optimizing techniques

·         Selection tools

·         Brushes (creating, saving and loading)

·         Color implementations and retouching

·         Brightness enhancement, shadows and midtones

·         Using rectangle, ellipse tools to design interface

·         Concept of layers and locking layers

·         Blending options

·         working with gradients

·         Using pen tool

·         Using custom shapes, loading shapes and modifying existing shapes

·         Concept of clipping mask

·         Using filters


·         Introduction to Illustrator

·         Selection tools

·         Pen Tool

·         Introduction to layers and grouping

·         Introduction to stroke

·         Introduction to type

·         Introduction to Object shape

·         Transformation fundamental

·         Aligning and Distributing

·         Line tools

·         Clipping masks and paths

·         Color

·         Pencil tools

·         Brush tool

·         Gradients

·         Transparency and Masking

·         Enveloping and Meshes

·         Rulers and creating Guides

·         Knife and scissors

·         Pathfinder

·         Liquefy

·         Introduction to appearance and styles

·         Introduction to Filters

·         Blend tool

·         Charts and Graph

·         Screen Graphics and RGB

·         Web slicing

·         Mapping images

·         Symbols

·         Photoshop integration

·         Palette

·         Tracing


·         Gesture drawing

·         Contour line drawing

·         Rendering phase


·         Work Area

·         Documents

·         Frames

·         Editing Text

·         Typography

·         Colors

·         Linking graphics

·         Tables

·         Vector graphics

·         Transparency

·         Interactive document

·         Book



I was looking for a training course that would help me learn the graphics designing. This course provided me with the perfect opportunity to enhance my creative drawing skills, I would like to thank computer training Nepal for putting together this course.

-          Suresh rayamajhi