Professional Computer Training Solution

Our computer training programs are very effective. You can start the training at a basic level and reach to the expert level. Our unique training method helps you to gain a professional knowledge.

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Computer Courses

Learn computer courses to improve your career skills for professional and job oriented. Computer Training Nepal offers various computer courses in Nepal to .

Most of the computer courses we offer are intended for beginners, however, there are some prerequisites for some courses. The prerequisites courses are delivered before enrolling to the actual course.

Our computer courses are designed with following objectives:

  • To provide computer graduates skills to work at professional level in computer industry in Nepal and worldwide.
  • To make anyone computer literate and be able to operate computers.
  • To make students competent to work as a software developer.

The computer courses are categorized as:

1) Programming Courses:

  • Java
  • PHP

2) Certification Courses:

  • Oracle Certification Courses
  • CCNA Certified
  • A+ Certification
  • Certified Ethical Hacker

3) Corporate Training Courses

  • MS Access Training
  • Ms Excel Training