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C Sharp

If you are looking to learn C sharp programming language at a professional IT training institute in Kathmandu then Computer training Nepal is certainly the right place for you. We provide training at the highest professional level with comprehensive course content.

The C# is an easy to learn object oriented programming language that runs on Microsoft’s .NET framework. It is a significant advance on the programming technology that simplifies the development of application and implementation of web based services. This training is designed to teach the students with the functionality of .NET framework and the complete understanding of C# programming language.

The C# training course in the institute is conducted by qualified professionals who have years of experience in developing applications using C#.NET. The course content is prepared through extensive research and covers all the latest technological development in .NET framework and C# language.

The course begins with an introduction to the functionality and key concepts of .NET.  The course then gradually discusses class libraries, assemblies, configuration, and deployment, which is a major part of developing applications. The course is practical, with real time examples provide by the teacher. The goal is to enable students to begin developing significant applications using the C#.NET.  The student will receive a complete set of course study materials and all the programming examples will be displayed and demonstrated in the class. The main objective of the training course is to enable the student to develop C# application that can run on .NET platform. The students after the completion of the course will learn programming principles associated with C# and implement windows frame.

Students who are from IT fields can join this course and also students from non IT background who want to start a career in C#.NET can also join this course. Before joining the course the students must have knowledge on Object Oriented Programming skills.

Programmers who can use C# have a wide range of jobs in windows application development field. Programmers who can program in C# in .NET platform have a wider range of career paths to work in. The C#.NET is a preference for developing a large enterprise level application. The students after completing the C#.NET can seek to pursue career as a windows application developer and MVC developer.

Course Syllabus

Module 1: Introduction to C#

·         Overview of C#

·         Introduction to .NET

·         Introduction to Framework Class Library (FCL)

·         Hello world

·         Command Line Demo and Compiler

·         Visual Studio Demo

·         Introduction to IDE

·         Data Types

·         Arrays

·         Namespaces

·         Variables

·         Statements and Expressions

·         Operators

·         Concept pf References

Module 2: Object Oriented Programming (OOP)

·         Introduction to OOP

·         Classes and Objects

·         Functions

·         Constructors

·         Inheritance

·         Static Classes

Module 3: Flow controls and Exceptions

·         Branching statement

·         Looping

·         Switching

·         Exception handling

Module 4: Interfaces and Collections

·         Interfaces

·         Collection

·         Generic types

Module 5: Introduction to Windows Form

·         Introduction to windows application

·         Classes

·         Forms

·         Buttons and events

·         Event Handling



I had no knowledge of OOP, after gaining concept of OOP the C# was relatively easy. The instructor did a remarkable job to help us understand the basic of C#. This training was the key for me to start a career in C# programming.

-          Hritik Tuladhar