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Our computer training programs are very effective. You can start the training at a basic level and reach to the expert level. Our unique training method helps you to gain a professional knowledge.

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Basic Computer Training

Computer technology is an important factor of the everyday life. Computer is a diligent and robust machine that is accurate in performing the operations. It is very beneficial in improving personal and professional performance. Computer training Nepal has prepared training program that will facilitate the users to perform their tasks efficiently and with ease using computer.

This course is designed to teach candidates the basics of using a computer and the operations and components of computer. This course is suited for individuals who have to work and operate on computers to complete their daily work.

The basic computer training at computer training Nepal is conducted by individuals who have years of experience in using computers and teaching the course. The course content provides opportunities for the candidates to learn using a computer in a real world scenario. The course is taught in the class through visual aid and live demonstration.

Individuals with no knowledge at all about computer technologies and its functions are encouraged to participate in this training course. There is basically no restriction as to who can join basic computer training course. The main objective of the basic computer training course is to teach the students the basic concept and principle of using a computer. The students will be able to use internet services and configure networks connections, install and update various software packages, debug and troubleshoot errors and problems in the system and adapt to using computers to perform daily tasks.

This training will not produce any career prospects for the student but will certainly help the students excel in the work environment as a professional and facilitate in performing the task in an accurate and efficient manner. In the present day every job position requires the candidate to have basic computer operating skills. Having skill of using a computer will also help the students in personal and educational matters.

Course Syllabus

Module 1: Introduction to WINDOWS

·         Manage files and folders

·         Saving and searching files

·         Installation software

·         Installing and configuring drivers

·         Managing virus and security threats

·         Using Printers

Module 2: Office package

·         Creating word, excel and power point documents

·         Using charts and graphs

·         Using mail

·         Inserting media

Module 3: PDF

·         Creating PDF files

·         Converting word files to PDF

Module 4: CDs and DVDs

·         Using CD and DVD

·         Writing files to CD and DVD

Module 5: Internet Concept

·         Using Browser

·         Browsing Websites

·         Internet Configuration

·         Sending Emails

·         Setting Network

·         Search engines and patterns


I was starting a new job as a receptionist but I did not know how to use the computer and it always interfered with my ability to perform my job. After completing the training course I am able to perform my job without any difficulties.

-          Rekha shah