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ASP.NET Training in Nepal

If you know how to develop HTML webpages, however if you are not familiar with developing a dynamic web application, then ASP.NET with C# is the best course to start with. ASP.NET using C Sharp course completes web development training in .NET platform. This training provides you real time scenario based knowledge in creating applications in .NET.

The course is designed to give hands-on experience to beginner and intermediate developers. The course covers everything from installing Visual Studio and SQL web Server to developing dynamic web application in .NET. IT graduates at colleges can join this course to develop application for the partial fulfillment of their academic degrees. We welcome BE, BCA, BIM, BIT students to join the course and complete their academic projects in a professional way.

Objective of Learning ASP.NET Technology

Joining ASP.NET classes will help you achieve the following objectives:

  • You will get the knowledge of .NET framework and ASP.NET programming language.
  • You will be familiar in developing ASP.NET applications in Visual Studio .NET.
  • The ASP.NET class will teach you to add server controls to Web Forms and to create several other features.
  • You will learn to validate user input by using validation control.

Reasons to choose Computer Training Nepal for ASP.NET course

  • We provide you qualified instructor with years of development experience and teaching experience.
  • Join internship program at reputed software companies after completing the course.
  • We assist you in job search after the training is completed.

Computer Training Nepal is a professional computer institute specializing for ASP.NET course in Nepal since a decade. We have taught thousands of students in this technology with highest success. Our graduates have been working in several software development companies in Nepal after ASP.NET course. The opportunity to learn with software developer, experts and professionals working in software development companies in Kathmandu, Nepal help you to gain insights on real-time development practices.

How is ASP.NET course taught at Computer Training Nepal?

ASP.NET course training is conducted in various models: Single Pages Model, Model View Controller and Event Driven Model. A beginner can start up with Webpage model as this approach is easy to learn. However, these days people choose to develop application and websites in MVC approach.

Prerequisite before joining ASP.NET training course

Learning a professional programming language such as ASP.NET requires some programming background and experience. Therefore we expect the candidate to have prior knowledge and experience in using the following:

  • HTML, CSS, JS and JQuery will be a plus.
  • Relational Databases like MySQL, MsSQL, Oracle, etc.
  • C programming, C++ programming.

However, if students do not have any prior experience, we will develop the foundation in the above courses before directly teaching ASP.NET course. 

ASP.NET with C Sharp Training Course Syllabus

  • NET Framework Architecture
  • .NET Development Environment
  • Creating ASP.NET Applications using web forms
  • Creating user Interface
  • ASP.NET Server Controls
  • Validation and Custom Controls
  • State management & Caching
  • Event Handling
  • Web Form Navigation
  • Creating Master pages and themes
  • Web services WCF Testing & debugging web application
  • Data Binding
  • ASP.NET Data Access
  • XML Data Access
  • Web Parts Controls
  • LINQ Profile and localization
  • Maintaining security
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Concept on AJAX
  • Deploying and hosting web applications

Project Development Activities in ASP.NET 

Students graduating with engineering degrees and other IT degree have completed projects in following areas:

  • Online Mobile Phone Shop
  • Online Examination System
  • Online Poll and Survey System
  • Reservation System

Scope and Career Opportunities

The job roles applicable after completing the course are as follows:

  • ASP.NET Developer
  • Web Developer. Training

Do  you want to become an advanced web developer? Computer Training Nepal is there at your service. is a framework for developing dynamic web pages. This is a powerful tool that lets us build web applications in three models-Web Pages, Model View Controller and Web Forms. We  ensure that after our 2 months course, students who join us leave with in depth knowledge of Our experienced instructor, available resources and student oriented training can be key for new learners. We give regular test and assignments to help students grasp enough knowledge.

This course is designed for anyone who wants to build dynamic websites. Students and professionals can join. Students needing assist to complete their projects are also welcomed. Students willing to learn must have the knowledge of HTML and CSS. They must also have the knowledge of basic programming and object oriented concept.

We have designed our course syllabus for in the following ways.


WP Tutorial

WebPages Intro

WebPages Razor

WebPages Layout

WebPages Folders

WebPages Global

WebPages Forms

WebPages Objects

WebPages Files

WebPages Databases

WebPages Helpers

WebPages WebGrid

WebPages Charts

WebPages Email

WebPages PHP

WebPages Publish

WebPages Examples


WP References

WebPages Classes

WebPages Security

WebPages Database

WebPages WebMail

WebPages Helpers



Razor Intro

Razor Syntax

Razor C# Variables

Razor C# Loops

Razor C# Logic

Razor VB Variables

Razor VB Loops

Razor VB Logic



MVC Intro

MVC Application

MVC Folders

MVC Layout

MVC Controllers

MVC Views

MVC Database

MVC Models

MVC Security

MVC HTML Helpers

MVC Publish

MVC Reference


WF Tutorials

WebForms Intro

WebForms Pages

WebForms Controls

WebForms Events

WebForms Forms

WebForms ViewState

WebForms TextBox

WebForms Button

WebForms Data Binding

WebForms ArrayList

WebForms Hashtable

WebForms SortedList

WebForms XML Files

WebForms Repeater

WebForms DataList

WebForms DbConnection

WebForms Master Pages


WebForms Navigation

WebForms Examples


WF References

WebForms HTML

WebForms Controls

WebForms Validation