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Advanced PHP Training in Nepal

Advanced PHP course in Nepal is most sought course by PHP programmers who have the working knowledge of PHP MySQL programming and wants to further develop their skills in this web development platform.

What Advanced PHP Training Course?

Advanced PHP Training Course is about learning PHP in object oriented pattern and MVC architecture. You can develop web application even though you are able to write PHP in procedural way. However, you may not to able to write optimized code while developing a web based application in PHP.

Advantages of Learning advanced PHP Training Course

  • Learning advanced PHP training course will give you an idea to write programs in object oriented pattern. Knowledge of Object oriented programming pattern will enable you to write code so that it is reusable, flexible and easier to maintain.
  • Advanced PHP Training Course teaches you to write PHP in MVC architecture, so that you will be able to separate design logic and business logic.
  • Helps you develop secure and scalable web application in PHP.
  • Without the knowledge of object oriented PHP programming and PHP MVC, you may have difficulty in understanding PHP frameworks like code igniter, Yii, larabel etc. Therefore to develop applications in these PHP framework, knowledge of MVC architecture and object oriented pattern is necessary.

Course Syllabus for Advanced PHP Training Course

The course syllabus for advanced PHP Training courses is written with the idea to cover basic principles of object oriented programming. It then progresses towards developing an ability in students to create their own framework by writing generic functions for database connectivity, libraries, helper files etc. Finally they are provided the concept of MVC architecture using one standard and popular MVC framework such as code igniter, Yii, or larabel.

Basic Object Oriented Concepts

  • Concept of classes and objects.
  • Methods and Properties
  • Public, Private and Protected
  • Constructor
  • Inheritance
  • Static and Final
  • Scope resolution Operator
  • Abstract classes and Interface
  • Exception Handling

Implementing Object Oriented Concepts

  • CRUD Operation in OOP pattern
  • Database connection using OOP
  • Image Upload in OOP
  • Pagination
  • Sessions in OOP
  • Emailing Concepts in OOP

PDO Concepts

  • Introduction to PHP Data Object
  • PDO Connection
  • PDO: Inserting Data
  • Query and Reading Results
  • Fetching result in different ways
  • Editing and deleting Data in PDO
  • Prepared statements
  • Named and position placeholders
  • Insert, Update, Delete and display using prepared statement

Model View Controller

  • Introduction to MVC Framework
  • Concept of Model, View and Controller
  • Performing CRUD operation in MVC
  • Using library function in MVC
  • Using helper files

Learning Outcome after Advanced PHP Training

After completing advanced PHP training course, candidate should be able to develop application in PHP framework like CI, Yii etc. They will be able to understand code written by professional PHP programmers. Read more about career opportunity after learning advanced PHP training course.