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Our computer training programs are very effective. You can start the training at a basic level and reach to the expert level. Our unique training method helps you to gain a professional knowledge.

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A+ course

A+ certification

Do you want to be an IT technician to support various systems? Computer Training Nepal is here to help you achieve your goals.

A+ course demonstrates your skill to solve and manage the technical aspects of a system. This course is in high demand. Students can become a good IT support professional after taking this course.

We provide you this course not only with the necessary knowledge for the certification but also practical knowledge you need to work in a job environment. Our 2 months(approx) training is student oriented and practical. Our instructor will guide you throughout the process. The resources are available for students in and after class hours. Students taking this course have been working in reputed companies as a technician. Our course syllabus is frequently revised. This is the course syllabus for A+ course.

Course Syllabus

·         PC components

·         OS fundamentals

·         PC Technician  Practices

·         Installation and Configuration of computer Peripherals

·         Installation and configuration of system

·          Maintain and troubleshoot peripheral components

·         Troubleshooting System Components

·         Installation and Configuration of Operating Systems

·         Maintenance and Troubleshooting of Windows

·         Network Technologies

·         Installation and Management of Network Connections

·         Supporting Portable Computing Devices

·         Supporting Printers and Scanners

·         Personal Computer Security Concepts

·         Supporting Personal Computer Security


This course is designed for IT students who want to build a career in support group. Basic use of Windows and knowledge of computer operation is required.

Most companies look for professionals who have good knowledge of this course. Since there are a large number of companies with large and complex system being established,  A+ certified professionals are highly in demand. They have job security and good salary around the world. They also have increased confidence and problem solving ability.



A+ training is a very useful course and so I suggest you take this course from a good institute. Computer Training Nepal knows how to make students understand using its various techniques. I work in support system in an organization and Computer Training Nepal is responsible my skills.

Saujan Sharma